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ethereal moments in college

What a bizarre day it is,... it feels as though everything today is brighter,..and ethereal. Like everything is so very temporary. Which is true at all times,.. except that today it feels especially so. I'm packing to go home today. Tommorow we pack the car and take it to storage,.. followed by the trip home on Sunday. I have a physical exam on Monday,.. it worries/scares me,.. shots /needles / injections, etc. *shivers* And I realized I have a mere 12 days from when I get home until I go to France. "Oh, and btw", they say, "read these 6 books and see these 4 english, 3 French films before you come. Incidently, read this art-history-text-sized guide on how to act in France while you are at it"....Did I mention how I have to learn the language also? @.@ *falls over* heheheheh....gotta pack to go to FL,.. then again to France.... "NEVER A DULL MOMENT" heheh. Kayla left today,.. I wish her a good trip. Richard has told me that should I meet anyone over the break,.. to take the oportunity. That we'd be taking a break during the summer. He doesn't mean it to hurt me,.. and it's not like he's out to date others. But I don't know what to think about it. ohhhh, soooo many things to think about. And everything is so insubstancial. Everything feels like grains of dust slipping away around me. College has taught me to never feel that anything is definite. That, and to not care about petty social nicities. An example right is like how I can give a rats ass if people see me in my pajamas, or with unshaved legs. They aren't important. Last night we were joking with Shermel at the restaurant with commentary sexual in nature. At one time I would have been embarassed to have been caught saying such things at diner. ...There's also a loss of tolerance for certain things. And I have learned to be a bitch when I need to be. That one was thanks to things like immature freshmen and their rap on surround sound...I'd also like to thank the phone companies at this time. This wouldn't be possible without you, you mother-fucking assholes. ^_^ Anyhoo,... just wanted to give credit where it was due. Well,.. I have to get back to my packing,...
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