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I have returned from abroad! It was beautiful! OOoooohh so beautiful. With flowers everywhere, and the quaintest village you have ever seen. Little blue shutters on windows. And you walk to everything. The sunlight is pure and crisp, making everything seem to pop. The people are nice and friendly, also. The sun goes down at 11 at night. And there's a timelessness to every day. You don't know what day it is, because it's not important. There are no screaming parents or bosses, no work to be done by x time. No groceries to get or laundry to do. No pressures. No stress. And your biggest worry is whether or not to bring an umbrella in case it rains sometime. It's a relaxed setting. And happiness is always just an inch away, with a feeling of content taking you by surprise. You have plenty of oportunity to see the glory in living, and just revel in your existence. I sat and talked with a friend on a stone in the middle of a river I visited every day. We discussed all the things we'd miss after leaving,.. and how no matter how much we talked, we could never show the people back home our experiences. What they were like. The place called Pont Aven is a place like that in a movie or fairy-tale. I'll never forget it. It's so surreal to me now,.. feels like a dream... ..except that I crave walking.
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