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I hear and obey, Metal Winged Voice!!

Metal Winged Voice has reminded me that I need to update. And so with out further ado,...
I leave to go back to Atlanta on Friday. We drive up, stay in a hotel overnight,.. and then unload on Saturday. ...Of course,.. these 3 sentences don't fully portray the horror of this process. There are a few differences this year, however. I am not staying in the dorm this time. The reasons are numerous, though I could sum them all up to "IT SUCKS, AND IT'S EXPENSIVE AS HELL!!!!" heehee Anyways,.. Kayla (my roomate) and I have gone round and round with setting up the third roomate. Not that it was a problem finding one or anything,.. just that there were always little things to worry about. Lirrle porblems like not having all the money to get into the apartment. In the end she(the 3rd roomate) decided that it was best for her not to stay in the apartment. *shrugs* If I were in her I'd do the same, because it makes no sense to pay rent to stay in Atlanta when you aren't going to the school there. And NOW, there's Densise who's taking her place (when we get the keys the day after tommorow.) I'm fine with Denise moving in,.. though she wants her friend, Yolanda, to move in too. *sighs* Now it's 4 people,.. even if Yolanda is only staying for 6 months and in the living room. Just as long as she pays evrything on time and keeps out of our stuff/food. Otherwise there'll be hell to pay. "YEEHAW!! LOOKIT OUR PEENYATA!!" *whack!* "HEE HEE HEE! HIT HER AGIN!" *swings 4x4 and misses* ughh,... both Kayla and I are getting a little tired of this whole last minute ordeal. Anyhoo, I admit that I'm nearly packed and am finding myself excited to move in. The fact that it's my senior year of college is rather frightening. Not in that it's the last year so much as that I don't know what will come after. The wide-world is a place to get lost in. Buuuttt, cest la vie!
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