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Atlanta frustrations.

okkkaayy,...As it turns out, it just ended up being me an Kayla in the appartment. You see, Denise backed out,.. had to do with not wanting to pay for an extra 5 days since she wouldn't have moved in till Saturday,... Well that's come and gone. Truth is that it's probably better this way. It's simpler,.. and no Denise to consume our food. Since the time we settled in, I've had a few visitors once, including Frances and Denise. They, as it so happens, are deciding to room together. Well, good for them. Personally I don't know how things will work out, since they, and Yolanda are a bunch of unreliable souls,... but that's their problem, I guess. WEELL when they came over, they saw and liked the place. And said that maybe they'd move into our appt. complex, since they were out house hunting and liked ours and one other place. ....4 5 days later,.. I run into Denise at school, and she tells me they haven't decided,.. right now she 's staying at home (1 1/2 hour drive from school). Her stuff's there. And she doesn't know where Frances is staying. She said she might be staying a night or 2 with us (not that Kayla or I invited her, or anything.) And I wonder what is going on with Frances,.. she basically had the same as Nikita,.. which is to say she isn't at ACA right now,.. due to lack of finances. ..... DOESN"T EVERYTHING COME DOWN TO LACK OF FINANCES THESE DAYS??? yyyeah. So anyhoo,.. bills are everywhere,.. and transporatation is making things tough. One example is that I am presently typing this from inside the computer lab at school,.. because I happened to get out of class early as it is the first day, and am now waiting until 5:30 since that's when I am supposed to meet Kayla. She gets out of work then,.. but I called her without responce just the same as Richard and Shermel. Damn, I'm getting frustrated,.. can't ya tell? Anyway, so I'm stuck,.. and the school still thinks I owe them a bunch of money for staying in the dorm when I'm living off campus. ARG! Dad said the guy in the business office got it right when they talked on the phone. Guess not. On the other hand, the appartment is great. Spacious, with proper temperature controle, dish washer, and full size fridge. I just wish I had a car. At the same time,.. Kayla HAS a car. ...Her Dad just won't let her have it here. "How sucky IS THAT??!!!" Has one,..but can't use it. That's a form of torture. WELLL... gotsta go,.. well, not really. I just have to stop typing before I get myself angry. Taa!
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