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Halloween,.. my real life horror story.

I would, before I begin to tell you the story of what happened Friday night, like to ask a question. Now I want as many people to reply to this question as possible. So please feel free to put in your 5 cents worth. Here it goes,...

"How many of you out there have had the pleasure to sit on a bus, across from a guy in a tux,..and watched as he proceeded to scratch/paw himeslf through the whole hour's ride?"

I must say, it was my first time on that one. Though, I have had a guy stand next to my aisle seat,.. just so,... so that every time the bus swayed, his crotch area would gently hit my shoulder.

Now c'mon people! I know that there have got to be SOME of you out there who have had the same wonderous experience! (excuse while I get a bucket for the dripping sarcasm.)

And now, on to the entertaining story of Holloween!

It was a pleasant afternoon on Thursday, and Shermel and I were planning out our ideas for the night of Halloween. Originally wanting to go to a goth club, we had heard of there being extensive lines, and Shermel decided she wanted to be home by 2 am. This lead to our decision to instead go to JEFF'S PARTY. (Insert dramatic lightning, gasp sound efx, and organ music here.) I had got many such invitations o his events before, but never went. Feeling bad about this, I was determined to go. After reaching my house,.. time passed and we were ready in our costumes by 10:15 pm. Now, the question of transportation to the party was iffy. We didn't have cars, and so were limited to bus/ MARTA. And while the invitation Jeff had given me had the house # on it and driving directions, it didn't give an address. ... now normally I would have just called Jeff and asked for it. Since he didn't know the bus route, I would have used it to call MARTA (form of public transp.) and get the route that way. ....But no one I knew had Jeff's #.

Friday at school, I asked Joy if she knew and she handed me a party flier wih it on it..... and so the horror began.

The first bus to get us to the train station was uneventful. As soon as was got to the station, we got our first dose,.. though it was nothing to what later occured. I went through the turnstyle and kept walking when I noticed Shermel wasn't right behind me. So I waited until I noticed Shermel frozen in inability to speak. There was a guy leaning towards her saying "hey, baby,.." I went right up to him and stared. "c'mon, Shermel, lets go." 11:15 pm.
After riding the train, we get onto the #2 bus. This takes us to Ponce deLeon st. It's a main street. And though it's fine during the day,..

Well, we got off the bus at Kennasaw Av. (a little neighborhood st. right of the main drag) And we began to walk down it, looking for the right house # for the party. "That's weird, this house says 653, and the #s are getting smaller,.. but Jeff's is number 1046."
So we are walking, and we see a couple of drunk party-goers in fron of a house. But it's not Jeff's, and though their slurred invites to enter are tempting, we decline and back away with no sudden movements. So we are starting to get a little scared, lost and wandering down the dark street with no lights. MIDNIGHT
After a bit of this we walk back out to close to the main street again. We perch next to a low wall and I pull out my cell. (thank god I charged it with the thought that we'd be out late)

Shermel is searching through her little phone directory when I spy 6 big black guys drifting across the street towards us, starring. "Hurry, Shermel,... hurry."
"I can't see, wait a minute." They're getting closer.
- I say in a low guttural voice- "get-the-freak'n-number. NOW."
We start calling umpteen people to see if we can get Jeff's # or someone to pick us up / the correct directions.
We didn't even know their names, the phone just got passed around, and we kept calling people in desperation.

We were waiting for the last one to call us back, and began to walk down Ponce in hopes of something.

Now, to give you all a proper idea, it's a BAD area once the sun sets. Like worse then Tamrind at SOA. Prostitues, we found out, wouldn't even bother standing there. And there we were.
Bums (?) wandered up to us, muttering things. Guys came onto us. And we saw eyes staring at us from the near black little alleys.
"Walk faster." "Ya! This isn't funny!"
We see 2 women who look worse then french whores, standing in robes and smeared gaudy makeup on the steps of a 'house'. "Now I have to admit, that's unique." One says, referring to my costume, (I think). "uhh, ..thanks.." We are walking shoulder to shoulder with our purses between us. "LET's GO ACROSS THE STREET TO THAT McDONALDS!!" "YEA!!" It's a 5 lane street. "I DON"T CARE IF I GET RUN OVER!!!!!!! LET"S GO NOW!!!!!!!!"

The McDonalds was closed except for drive thrus. And we sat on the curb. My phone was our life line. Everyone we called gave directions until Iinterrupted. "Uh, we're not in a car, we're on foot."

"..." "You're WALKING? AND YOU ARE WHERE??!!!"

We sat there for an hour waiting, scared to the point where we began to laugh at everything. And sing. LoveShack. We got a cab # from one of the people we talked to (don't know who) and though they said "15 min," they never came. 1:30 am

Finally a guy from the party came and got us. "You'll see me," I had said on the phone. "Look for the blue wig and orange tutu."
At 2 something am we got there. ...Now the only problem was how we were going to get home,.. the train stoped at 1:30.
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