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Sooo tiredd. My week next week is the last one before I go home,.. and it's HELL. Every day I have Finals, Final projects, Final papers, and presentations. I want it to stop, but it won't,.. I have art history and World Cultures exams to dread and fearfully study/prep for. Still need to do regular chores like laundry, dishes, start packing up thr dorm room, get groceries to eat (aka WALK and and waste 3 to 4 hours needed to work), clean, ETC. @o@ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
*starting to rock back an forth* ...gottat keep a hold on thhthings,.. I-I can do this. ...I'll get home an it'll all be done with. (and I DON"T WANT to hear anyone say, "until next year"!!) ok. I'm ok. *breathes* oh, and I'm asking the four winds to send their gentlest breezes and best of vibes to Emerald,. in her hour of need tonight. taa taa mina. Dijobu. I'll see ya on the other side.
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