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End of the semester is around the corner

Allright. So here I am,.. 12 days till when I go home. And while I have plenty to do, things feel kinda strange. I feel that the end is just 3 days away,.. yet the other part of me feels like it's weeks away. Meanwhile, I realized, (though I don't know why it comes up now, except that I have been using some entries from my Book for a final piece,) that I have greatly drifted away from all the magic, spiritualism, and mystery that used to be in my life. I was reading about how Emerald had a Ritual Cleansing, and felt refreshed in her journal.... I haven't done a cleansing in the formal sense except for maybe once,.. but the truth is that I haven't had a spiritual cleansing of any kind since before college. I miss the magic. Another thing is Richard,... the word for our relationship is "stale." However, he did something that has set me on a new path. But that, I will discuss in the next entry. Incidently, I found out that I got accepted into Pont Aven in France, a summer course program tha goes through RISD. So if that goes through, then that might give me the one more photography course I need to graduate in my major. And in FRANCE!!!!! TRAVEL!!!!!! WAHOO!!!! It goes from June 1st to 31st. Then I remembered there was supposed to be a convention during the summer we were supposed to go to. ... So I checked and it was in June. "NOOOOOOO!" Well, I talked to Andi, who informed me that she cancelled, anyway.... but she said she talked to Emerald about a con in July,.. I really hope that happens. I would love for all of us to go in the group and have fun. Oh, and the new dorms are almost done. I have taken a tour through it,...seen the rooms,... OY VAYSMEYR. What a mess that's going to be. We are due to move in for next semester, incidently,.. with a low price of $785 a month!!!! less room (tiny rooms) for more money? NO COMMENT. anyhoo,.. taa for now.
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