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A person can only take so much,..and men suck

OMG!!! I have had one of the most outrageous of weeks. It all started with my dv cam not working,..causing me to not have my video class assignments. As it turns out, it was due to a faulty outlet. I was unaware of that, seeing as I just moved in. So Blake, my video professor, has given me no breaks, despite this,.. and now each project (WHEN I GET THEM FINISHED) will be a letter grade down for each class they were late. 2 assignments,.. and now 3 weeks late. In addition, I finally found the tri-x film i needed for large format class. The box came with my light meter,.. but no film. BACKORDERED! Sooooo no film assignment either. That's 20,.. count them,.. 20 4x5 negatives I need to have. heehee hee..
soooo I found out yesterday that they actually had the film in the school store. So last night I took the film I bought, and after finishing my in-camera-edit film at 11:30, took 6 pictures. Finished at 3:30 am. Brought them into critic today undeveloped when everyone had 20 developed and contact sheets. But, I thought, "at least I have something,.. I tried." Went after class to develop the film..... ... ...... . . . .. . . "BLANK??!!!" All underexposed. Every one. To the point where you couldn't see an image. Oh yeah,... Richard hasn't been calling me. No return calls. he passed me in the hall and said nothing. Men suck. And on the way home I had one try to pick me up. You know that I have never had so many icky experiences with men until I moved here? I don't know if it's a Atlanta-Latino (Buford hwy is the equivalent of Miami) thing, or just the area. But I have had it up to my eyeballs with being honked at, called to, yelled at, and pick-up-lined!!!!!! MEN SUCK HERE!!! MEN SUCK PERIOD!!! All vermin and scum! GO TO THE SEWERS WHERE YOU BELONG, YOU FILTHY CREATURES!!!!!!!!! Kayla had one guy on the bus open with, "HELLO THERE, MY AFRICAN QUEEN" Well I'm sorry that I wear nice clothes!! Apparently I can't wear clothes that I like. And when it's 92 degrees here I can't wear a sleeveless shirt. God help me if I should ever decide to wear a skirt. Bekah, I dedicate this entry to you. You called it. And I give you permission to allow yourself 2 insults today, not just one. Awww, fuck it,.. just let loose! "SCUM, AND POND-SLUDGE WHO THINK WITH THEIR TINY MEMBERS!! THEY CAN ONLY BRING THEMSELVES TO THE LEVEL OF BEING JEALOUS OF OTHER MEN'S GENITALIA, AND TRYING TO GET USE OUT OF THEIR OWN!!!!!!"
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