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it is Halloween, and an overview

Yes, it has been a while. I am sorry about not being able to keep up with responding, but never have I had a semester such as this. I never thought that photography would be easy, but this semester has been my toughest yet. I have only one more after this, it's true, and while that thought comforts me, it also terrifies me. I know Kayla, who's still in animation is afraid of how she will get a job. As for my present work load, it's partially due to my own horrid luck. You see, from the beginning of this semester, things have gone wrong. It all began when I moved into an apartment, and found that my 700 dollar DV camera wouldn't respond when I turned it on... it ended up being because I was using a dead outlet. ..But I didn't know that until 3 weeks into school. So I was behind on projects. And when I tried to make up the work once I was able, something else would happen. *sighs* So I have been running to catch up through this whole semester, and have been dubbed to have the worst luck with equipment in 2 classes. It's humorous. I swear, I'll laugh about all this later,... just not yet. The programs failing, tapes not working,.. of course the icing was when MY VIDEO CAMERA CHEWED MY CASSETTE. *falls over* Someone up there has decided to make me into a sitcom. Yup, that's got to be it. ^_^ Anyhoo,.. That's it for now,.. OH YA!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Samhain rules. ya,.. And I got a top-hat that does the pop-open thing. Oooohhh, the coolness. hehehe, well ta!
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