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Welcome back to ME.

It's been eternity since I have posted. I apologize to all those who care and to all those who don't, also. Ah, well. I, the Goddess, have made some changes in my life. Since coming back to school, I have changed my major. I am now officially in phoyogtaphy,.. and if all goes well,.. in the future I will work for a magazine like National Geographic and get to travel to far and distant places... I have become for laid back and yet more social. S.A.A (Society of Asian Animation) is doing ok,.. we had a few new members join and I am anxious to see how the adventure to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) convention turns out. I'd like to say that I hope that everyone can come from out of town,.. but after precious experience I can't bring myself to hope too much. It hurts when those hopes are destroyed. I have a quiz/test in photo tommorow morning. I wish I could go to a goth club,.. but I don't know of any such place here,.. and besides,.. it wouldn't be the same w/o Bek. *misses the castle* My roomate is engaged to a dear friend and goes to see him just about every weekend. They are the cutest couple I have yet to see,.. and they deserve each other,.. both being very nice and sweet as well as fun. Dragon Con here was fun,..I went with Kayla (my roomate) and her fiance, Daniel. Oh, there was a shooting again, but this time it was right in front of the Dorm. Beth, a new member of the club yet knowledgable one, saw the event from her window. Being from the outskirts of GA and new to the area, it unsettled her. Poor girl didn't sleep. Something that I, too have a problem with,.. but of course for different reasons. *sighs* I'm suddenly feeling rather nostalgic tonight. At least it wasn't the earlier frustration I had after 2 rolls of film turn up bad. I have a pet hamster here,.. she's a Dwarf hamster (and yes, Bek I know you don't like them, but I DO). Her name is Yuzuriha,.. after Sachiko didn't work out for various reasons. I spent over 500 dollars in photo supplies recently,... I know the stuffs worth it,..but it's still a large sum to drop in one sitting when you add it to the costs of text books, etc. ....Ahh,.. I'm in such a dry mood right now. A result of being bored, tired, stir-crazy, slightly frustrated, and uninspired. It causes me to be something I usually am not - blunt and somewhat uncaring. I don't like being his way,.. though I'll admit that the being blunt for me can be interesting in the right circumstances. *sadistic smile* And when I get like this, after a while I feel driven to do something crazy and gutsey. *shrugs* Oh well. My Conniving Midget comes out in me more too... right now she's saying something like "huh,..I suppose being in this mood improves your manner and intelligence, then. You could always stand to be more down-to-earth." "The amount of denial you are in astounds me. If it weren't for me to be here to point out the obvious way things are, however negative, you'd never face the truth of things." - so says the Conniving Midget.
'Yeah, yeah.' *grabs Ass-Kicking-Stick-of-Evilness from her and whacks her over the head* ^___^
taa taa for now, kiddies.
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